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(In reply to comment #11)
> Because of that kind of definition, only a handful languages (those which 
> using
> Latin script probably) get any advantage of Edit-summary :(. 
> There may be no update on edit summary since it developed in very initial 
> stage
> of mediawiki software.

It's not so much the age of the software as the inefficiency of adding and
converting to larger fields in the database schema.

It also doesn't help that most people equate one character with one byte and
forget that users of non-Latin scripts are stuck with an encoding that takes
two to three times as much storage space.

> (In reply to comment #12)
> > What sort of database/code refactoring were you thinking of?
> Maybe addition of rev_description/log_description which are pointers to
> appropriate descriptions in text table? Or even to a page in special namespace
> (long rationales may require fixes)?

Not sure where you're getting the "long rationales may require fixes" idea
from. 200 characters in a multibyte-encoded script doesn't necessarily convey
any more information than 200 characters in a Latin script, it just takes more
space to store.

(In reply to comment #15)
> We'd likely have a limit of 1000 Unicode characters or less, though, so would
> using the text table be overkill?  Would it make more sense to just have
> rev_comment_long/log_comment_long or something?

Nobody is suggesting anything like 1000 Unicode characters. 200 Unicode
characters -- i.e. the same length Latin-script users get already -- would be
more than enough, but currently scripts that are encoded with multibyte
characters (almost anything non-Latin) don't get anywhere near that much.

(In reply to comment #17)
> Currently when we create a new page, if nothing is entered on the edit summary
> box, the first few lines of the content will be automatically displayed on the
> edit summary. 
> If we are increasing the character limit, then it is better to remove the 
> above
> functionality.

Not really. Just cap the automatic summary length at a fixed number of
characters, rather than bytes. No reason why non-Latin script shouldn't get to
see the first ~200 characters of their articles too.

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