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--- Comment #1 from Bawolff <> 2010-03-03 18:00:53 UTC ---
Hi. This isn't really the right place for this. For concern 2, the appropriate
place would be [[talk:Touchdown polymerase chain reaction]]. Each article has
an associated talk page where discussion about the development of an article
can take place (look for the discussion tab at the top of the page).

For concern 1 - there is a contact us page - [[Wikipedia:Contact us]]. In
general if you have a specific usability improvement request, its best to file
a bug about it if you have a specific request in mind (bugs are not just for
bugs, but also for enhancement requests) or perhaps start a section on
[[Wikipedia:Village_pump_(technical)]]. If you have a concern about the
contents of an article, [[Wikipedia:Contact_us/Article_problem]] has
information what to do.

I'm inclined to close this as invalid, as there is nothing really here that
requires developer work. Concern 1 is more or less already taken care of by
having a village pump type pages, and concern 2 is really not a bugzilla issue.

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