--- Comment #3 from Erik Zachte <> ---
See, where a somewhat less
elegant and less powerful but simpler solution is proposed, and more
explanation is given. 

Main difference: here the idea is to allow processing of any number of wikis in
parallel, by removing any chance that files will be updated simultaneously by
several threads. In 60826 the idea is to keep the limitation of processing one
wiki per project, but stub and full archive dumps will be processed round robin
on different servers. Periodically a rather small script takes care of
the extra metrics from key metrics file StatisticsMontly.csv on the full
archive server and update empty columns in same file on stub dump server).
60826 is less elegant as it requires syncing between two servers, and less
powerful as it still doesn't allow ad hoc processing of dumps without
suspending round robin process, but it is much simpler to implement. This bug
would require maintenance in tens of places in several source files as
Wikistats counts job generates so many files.

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