--- Comment #8 from Krinkle <> ---
If you access the MediaWiki core api.php entry point directly in your browser,
what do you get back?

It should look like this:

If it doesn't then there is nothing VisualEditor can do as it means your server
is not configured correctly to expose MediaWiki's entry points (perhaps you
only whitelisted index.php?).

This likely means other features are broken as well (the autocompleting of page
names in the search box, the "Watch this page" button etc.).

Serving the MediaWiki application directory from your document root is highly
discouraged.  If you don't like exposing a /wiki/ path in URLs you can keep the
application in /w/ but let Apache rewrite your urls from /Page_name to
/w/index.php. That way you have both nice urls in the root, but still keep your
application's internal files tucked away safely in /w. See and related pages.

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