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(In reply to physikerwelt from comment #2)
> err: /Stage[main]/Labs_vagrant/User[vagrant]/ensure: change from absent to
> present failed: Could not create user vagrant: Execution of
> '/usr/sbin/useradd -m vagrant' returned 12: useradd: cannot create directory
> /home/vagrant

My best guess is that this was caused by the intermittent problem of the NFS
server making shared read-only due to a race in application of ACLs. Coren
knows about this problem and is trying to track down it's root cause. It seems
to be cache related and will typically clear after a reboot or a 10-15 minute

There was a related problem that the NFSv4 server in eqiad is enforcing idmapd
identities and the NFS server didn't know about the locally created vagrant
user. Coren has fixed this by adding a vagrant user to the eqiad LDAP.

You may have to create the /home/vagrant directory manually at this point. This
may be something that needs to be fixed in the labs_vagrant role.

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