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> This does not seem like an intuitive way to message people.

Eh... consider revision.rev_comment and recentchanges.rc_comment, both limited
to 255 bytes, to be similar to Twitter's 140 characters. Think of
Special:Watchlist or Special:RecentChanges as a Twitter (or, I guess)

> Also, it seems like it could be confusing for the recipient.

Maybe. The few use-cases I can come up with are already largely covered: rather
than using "reply to MZMcBride" in an edit summary, people can now link to
[[User:MZMcBride]] in the body content of their posts. And when I'm mentioned
in an edit summary for a reversion, that also gets noted, I believe. The main
goal of any additional ping mechanism, if an additional mechanism is needed,
would be to ensure that we don't send duplicate notifications for the same
action (e.g., user includes a link in the body content and in the edit

At this point, I think the burden is on those in favor of this edit summary
feature to provide additional use-cases where this feature might be helpful. I
have some vague ideas, but nothing concrete.

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