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--- Comment #3 from Matthias Mullie <> ---
As S already pointed out: we need the addModuleStyles() to apply CSS for non-JS

For both JS & non-JS, we'll probably want to share 95% of the CSS. We should
probably assume nojs by default, add all no-JS CSS into a (or multiple)
separate module(s) and loadModuleStyles() there.

The other modules (with JS) can have some additional CSS for the added
JS-functionality then, which is loaded by addModules().


Request 3 should be able to be folded into request 2. The reason this is
currently split up is that users will some day get to pick their editor. JS
detects what editor is active for that user, and loads that specific module (in
this caseL editors.none).

We should either load all potential editors at once (currently only 1), or
defer loading the editor until a user has initiated a reply/edit.


I'm not really sure why request 4 is seperate. Pretty sure we should be able to
merge it into request 2.


Shahyar is currently working on a fairly big JS refactor

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