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It is unquestionable that the RfC has received five times as much participation
as the first one, that this time around the comments in support outnumber the
opposes by a factor of five, and that they come from users on a number of

The comments in opposition variously relate to conflicts with existing titles,
which are being resolved or have been indicated to be a non-issue, as I've
pointed out; impossible proposals like "com:"; or object to the shortcut being
too short, despite the long-established existence of other equally short
prefixes. If I was closing the RfC - and I won't, obviously, given that I was
support voter #2 - I would not consider any of those reasons to carry enough
weight to interfere with the obvious prevailing opinion. I seriously doubt that
the actual closer will do, either. 

If you have have comments about the resolution of the RfC, I suggest that you
also make them over there, as they're unlikely to have any effect in here....
In the meantime, I'll wait to see if any developers agree with my analysis.

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