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Change 103407 abandoned by Dr0ptp4kt:
resourceloader: Account for cache backend casting int value to string

Although there is a bug in the sense of inconsistent behavior across Bag O'
Stuff subclasses, in production it's currently a non-issue for RL due to use of
PECL memcached and the Varnish edge case. If it were using Redis, it would be
problematic, although the symptom would be masked by Varnish. If using Redis
without an edge cache, say like on a localhost installation with a direct
connection, it would and does surface. We're going to close this, and Timo and
Tim Starling are aware of the issue. For anyone running with direct connections
using Redis as the backing store, they will need to make sure that PECL
memcached is used instead for the time being (presuming no other fixing patch
has sneaked in since this started).

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