--- Comment #21 from Praveen Prakash <> 2010-03-04 15:12:31 
IST ---
> Nobody is suggesting anything like 1000 Unicode characters. 200 Unicode
> characters -- i.e. the same length Latin-script users get already -- would be
> more than enough, but currently scripts that are encoded with multibyte
> characters (almost anything non-Latin) don't get anywhere near that much.

> Long summaries would make histories and related pages more
> difficult to read. Increasing the character count for other scripts doesn't
> have that issue. Besides which, anyone writing a mini-essay for a summary 
> would
> be better off summarizing it briefly and putting a detailed explanation on the
> discussion page. I've seen a lot of edit warring using the summary field as a
> mechanism for argument, and longer summaries would only encourage that.


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