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I would find this fix enormously useful.  All of our shared spaces that are
intended to be multilingual, have "English" as the default language.  That is a
convention; and is not meant to force translations to happen to/from English.

So yes: we need per-page language selection.  Is there a separate bug for this? 
Niklas: who are working on that part of MW core?  I take it you don't recommend
Maxime's patch, and instead recommend pushing for the update to core? 

Having our own Translate extension and being able to organize translation on
the wiki is really wonderful.  This is the only major drawback with the current
process; but it is significant: and keeps many people from using Meta for
translations at all (where they might have once done so).  Tilman gave one
example; people also face this in grantmaking, where the original source for
reports is rarely English:

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