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I would say wait for and the
wontfix it. Full-screen overlay maps would not be terribly interesting, even if
they were displayed properly; displaying them properly would mean showing two
images on top of each other, which is a lot of work to do in a robust way (it
took a long time to make the resizing, switching, preloading etc. of the image
bug-free, now all that would have to be done again), and the whole thing would
be very enwiki-specific, which is generally something to avoid.

If card #294 gets implemented (which is straightforward), site admins can just
blacklist the overlay maps so that the lightbox does not open when clicking on
them. That's a bit inconsistent UX-wise, but probably unavoidable, there are
even more evil images (like the maps which display text and markers via
absolute CSS positioning) which we definitely want to blacklist.

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