--- Comment #5 from Krinkle <> ---
(In reply to Antoine "hashar" Musso from comment #3)
> integration-slave01 received nodejs 0.10.x when it got added to
> It has been later removed but the instance never got
> cleaned up.
> npm, I have no idea, probably similar.
> I dont want the slaves to be tweaked manually, everything must be in puppet.
> So there is a few bugs that we should fill all related to updating packages
> in
> * nodejs 0.10.x (that is apparently a work in progress)
> * npm 1.3.10 should be backported from Ubuntu Trusty
> * grunt-cli needs to be packaged
> Then we can update the list of packages in operations/puppet.git file
> ./modules/contint/manifests/packages/labs.pp . It list npm but no grunt-cli
> since there is no package there.
> Does it sound right?

Yes, except for grunt-cli needing to be packaged. We explicitly don't want to
do that, like the over 300 other arbitrary npm modules we fetch daily on the
integration slaves based on things listed in package.json in local
repositories, this yet just another package like that. We can and should (for
consistency and for it being the right version) install this via npm.

I'm sure there is a puppet syntax for ensuring a certain shell command has been
executed (e.g. based on a certain file existing). Similar to how we use
git::clone in some places and the puppet file{} syntax. They're not provisioned
packages, just inline specified within our manifest created by something other
than a package (a rb template file, a git clone, or, in this case, an npm

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