--- Comment #7 from Krinkle <> ---
Rephrasing bug.

There is explicit logic in place to not update the url sometimes. This is for
when we're reacting to a popstate event (e.g. you open VisualEditor from the
read page, this activates the editor without a refresh, if you then click back,
the browser has already updated the url and it is now telling us to react to
that, we don't want to update the url again in that case).

Whenever the editor is initialised in Chrome by direct query parameter  (e.g.
by clicking "Edit" on a page where we don't load visualeditor, e.g. MediaWiki's
Edit source page), the weird initial popstate fired by Chrome was
misinterpreted as a dynamic state change.

Then, when leaving the editor, we still think we're reacting to a popstate
event so we don't touch the url.

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