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(In reply to Erik Moeller from comment #10)
> Regression; this is happening again on en.wp.

The system is an en.wikipedia hack, and can't be fixed from within VisualEditor
without it knowing more than it should about English Wikipedia.

It comes down to their Editnotice system explicitly creating an edit notice to
tell sysops "there are no edit notices on this page, click here to create one",
which they present as... an edit notice.

Thus MediaWiki, and by extend VisualEditor, show it as an edit notice.

Last year I put a system in place that allows them to hide these using a css

(In reply to Minh Nguyễn from comment #12)
> I've proposed a client-side workaround at [[MediaWiki talk:Common.css#Edit
> notices and VisualEditor]].

That css was adopted by en.wikipedia as of
and that fixed it for them, last year with this:

 * Hide the redlink generated by {{Editnotice}},
 * this overrides the ".sysop-show { display: none; }" above that applies
 * to the same link as well.
.ve-init-mw-viewPageTarget-toolbar-editNotices-notice .editnotice-redlink {
    display: none !important;

Commit accidentally removed this
class, thus the above CSS rule no longer applies.

The CSS proposed by Minh on [[MediaWiki talk:Common.css#Edit
> notices and VisualEditor]] is a bit too generic in my opinion, I would 
> recommend against that.

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