--- Comment #5 from Daniel Kinzler <> ---
We have discussed the expected behavior of entity redirects internally. Here
are the key points:

* An Entity object cannot represent a redirect
* An EntityContent object may represent a redirect. In that case, calling
getEntity() will fail.

* Redirects should only be possible within one kind of entity, redirects from
one kind of entity to another are not supported.
* For now, only Items can redirect to other Items. Redirects for Properties
will not be supported initially, if ever.
* The only way to create a redirect should be by merging two entities. Ideally,
the merge would involve two edits to the redirected item: one to "empty" it,
and a separate one to turn it into a redirect. This allows for better diffs,
for easier undo/revert, and a clearer edit history.
* Redirects can be turned back into normal entities by undoing/reverting the
edit that turned them into a redirect (if that is possible without conflicts).
* On the RDF level, redirects a re modeled as an owl:sameAs relationship
between concept URIs. This also means that the redirected document URL is
considered to be "about" the target's concept URI.

* Viewing a page of an entity that is a redirect shall show the content of the
redirect target, as usual. This can be disabled withing the redirect=no
parameter, as usual.
* When viewing an entity page that references redirected entity IDs, it would
be nice to mark these somehow. We will probably not support this initially.
* When accessing an entity explicitly via ID from a client wiki, any redirects
should be automatically resolved.
* When trying to edit an entity that is a redirect (via the API od a special
page), the edit will fail.
* When fetching entities via the API, redirects should NOT be automatically
resolved, unless this is requested using redirects=resolve.
* When requesting entity data using a canonical data URL or concept URI,
redirects should be resolved automatically. The resulting data does not need to
indicate that a redirect was resolved.
* For RDF data, the relevant owl:sameAs triples should be included, no matter
whether what URL the document was accessed with.
* All redirects should be present in the full RDF dump, as owl:sameAs triples.
* Redirects are not present in JSON dumps of entities, but there would be a
separate JSON dump for redirects.

* Redirects from wikitext pages to entities will work as usual, and do not
concern us.
* We should make sure the "redirected from" line is shown correctly in entity
* Revert/Restore needs to work as expected
* Diffs between the redirect and non-redirect versions of an entity need to

* EntityRevisionLookup will not resolve redirects and will fail when used with
a redirected entity ID. This could be relaxed if no specific revision is
* EntityLookup will resolve redirects if explicitly asked to do so.
* The EntityPerPage table will maintain the link between a redirected entity ID
and the wiki page that contains the redirect. We will add a column (or an extra
table) that holds the redirect targets.

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