--- Comment #3 from Maryana Pinchuk <> ---
Quiddity - right, that's why I said "modeled on," not "identical to" ;) 

Flow actions are fundamentally different from page edit actions, so they come
with extra meta-data that may or may not contain inappropriate material.
However, my point stands that if the root issue here is "I think it's bad that
some non-admins might see spam/inappropriate words/etc. in contribs or recent
changes," then that's no different from the current system today, because
deleted page titles can include spam, personal attacks, etc., and are visible
to users without admin rights.

Anyway, since we're moving to a more granular revdel-like system of deletion
and suppression in the next sprint, I trust the local admins to make the call
whether a Flow action and its associated meta-data needs to be deleted or
deleted & suppressed.

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