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Once the website with the metrics is reaching a first complete version, a web
application to manage community identities is needed. A community member will
access the web application and authenticate using OAuth or creating a new
account. All the information about the member in Mediawiki Community Metrics
will be presented, so the user can update her information, add new identities,
the localization and so on.
Skills: Django or similar web framework to develop the application. OAuth and
other authentication techs.


We have already plenty of tools requiring sign-in and allowing account
creation. Do we need an extra one? All the users appearing in the community
metrics of a project have already an account somewhere in that project.

Maybe what I'm saying is silly (and this is why I'm CCing other people that
know better) but wouldn't it be better to start with the list of users of (since they are synced with Gerrit already) and
build on top of that?

This would also allow you to reuse MediaWiki as a framework. Again, I don't
know the details, but MediaWiki users have already Preferences, where they
define e.g. their real name and an email address. Couldn't that be the
framework to add more data (your username, your IRC

This would also put us closer to another goal, global profile, where you could
have a user page identifying who are you in mailing lists, Gerrit, IRC, etc.

I can see also a concern with trust and reliability: Wikitech users already
trust Wikitech, and it's the Wikimedia Foundation who is in charge of making it
work. Introducing your data (in some cases again) in yet another tool, in Labs,
supported by a third party... 

I understand this situation is specific to Wikimedia, but I can imagine this
being a common problem to many other matures free software projects. Still,
many of those projects have a MediaWiki, so maybe this system would work for
them as well...

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