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Known issue. We dont support templated attributes for extensions. From

        // SSS FIXME: We seem to have a problem on our hands here.
        // AttributeExpander runs after ExtensionHandler which means
        // the native handlers will not receive fully expanded tokens.
        // In the case of Cite.ref and Cite.references, this is not an issue
        // since the final processing takes place in the DOM PP phase,
        // by which time the marker tokens would have had everything expanded.
        // But, this may not be true for other exensions.
        // So, we wont be able to robustly support templated ext. attributes
        // without a fix for this since attribute values might be ext-generated
        // and ext-attribute values might be templated.
        // The fix might require breaking this cycle by expliclitly-expanding
        // ext-attribute-values here in a new pipeline.  TO BE DONE.

We use the same technique for any extension attributes that is not a plain
string (which   is not). Perhaps we should at least forcibly convert the
tokens to string which can at least handle the common case of entities in
attribute values.

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