--- Comment #11 from Peter Bena <> ---
Problem here is that huggle doesn't see the talk page, before it post a
message, it is mediawiki which merges the warning between the warnings of
others. Only proper solution here would be to have mediawiki reject the message
in case there was an edit to talk page so that huggle re-parse it, but I don't
know if mediawiki can do that.

Other workaround which isn't reliable, would be just to re-parse the talk page
everytime before the warning is sent. This has 2 issues:

It significantly worsen the performance and it isn't reliable because some user
could in theory send a warning between the check and edit, there is also
replication lag (reading page may return older version, while when you write to
a page, you access the master sql server which contains the current version) I
think this needs to be solved on mediawiki level

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