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There are important differences:
1.- Fixed structure: theoretically you could convert any dataset into a
classical statement-qualifier structure, but not always the other way round.
And there is no need to.
2.- No need to source: a dataset is part of an statement so the source would go
on the statement where it is linked from, not on the page where the information
is stored (it becomes much easier to manage)
3.- Non-editable content: like with media files, datasets are not expected to
change. You could clear them and repopulate them again, though (like uploading
a new version of a file on Commons). Defining which property corresponds to
each row, which Q-items are used in the dataset, and checking datatype
constraints, that should be done only on dataset creation/upload.

In any case it provides advantadges over just using tabular data, like re-using
the well defined existing wikidata datatypes and the next to come, re-using
visualization options that might be developed for the queries, etc.

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