--- Comment #2 from Daniel Werner <> 2010-03-07 15:16:08 UTC ---
Ok you are right about those problems. A dynamic attribute using its own value
recursively won’t be a pretty thing.
But still when clicking edit+save and then updating the attributes you have the
same situation as you would have with a quick purge working this way, right?

Purge rebuilding attributes could also help with other problems. For example
yesterday for any weird reason I can't tell all of my wiki pages suddenly lost
their attribute. This was also when I recognized that purging a page doesn't
rebuild attributes in the database so I had to save all those articles again
instead of simply purging them. Enabling this feature and also clarifying that
“dynamic attributes” aren’t supported might be a good thing after all.
Disabling it via 

P.S. About your idea with the extension: Perhaps I will look into that if you
think it’s a bad idea to implement it after all. My wiki uses "dynamic
attributes" at some points. I think that they are great for avoiding
redundancies and they allow you a new very abstract way of describing data’s in
your wiki.

For the realization of the extension: I can use the hook ArticlePurge for that
but how would I initiate the process for updating the data? Any ideas?

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