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We are having a pretty big issue as this extension stopped working. We are
currently getting an error "1062: Duplicate entry" when trying to merge
*anything* (at least that's what it looks like).

    A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the
software. The last attempted database query was:

        UPDATE `ipblocks` SET ipb_user = '43742',ipb_address = 'XXXXXXXXXX'
WHERE ipb_user = '43743'

    from within function "UserMerge::mergeUser". Database returned error "1062:
Duplicate entry 'XXXXXXXXXX-43742-0-0' for key 'ipb_address' (localhost)".

So it's trying to set an ID that's already in-use. Manually inspecting the
database shows that indeed both IDs are still in-use. Any clue on why the
previous row was not deleted (I am assuming that's what should have been done)?
More importantly, why did it not error out when the deletion fail?


MediaWiki              1.21.3
PHP                    5.4.17 (apache2handler)
MySQL                  5.5.32
User Merge and Delete  1.8.1 (4fd1c08)

Any suggestions?


CyberXRef☎‎ 01:36, 16 March 2014

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