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Screenshot of 30em width in default sort field

So I've looked into this a bit and took some screenshots.

Currently this is set in the class .oo-ui-textInputWidget and is set to 20em.
The text input widget appears in Options -> Categories, Options -> Page
Settings, and Insert -> Reference. 

These 3 fields all look acceptable at a width of 30em. We could also go for
100% width of the div. I like the look of this in the two Options areas,
although this looks a bit odd in the Reference dialog "group by" field. I think
that even 20em was too wide for it to begin with- maybe we should add a special
class here?

Any opinions? I like both 30 em and 100%, and since reference dialog is likely
to undergo radical UI changes the size of the group by field in the reference
dialog could be ignored for the time being.

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