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           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|Close components for        |Close components for
                   |archived/unmaintained       |archived/unmaintained
                   |MediaWiki extensions (and   |Bugzilla components (and
                   |close remaining tickets?)   |close remaining tickets?)

--- Comment #4 from Andre Klapper <> ---
There was [[mw:Git/Conversion/Extensions still in svn]] (now archived).

Previously in case of lack of maintenance, I've resolved tickets in some
components as RESOLVED WONTFIX, added "wikimedia[unmaintained]" to the status
whiteboard (to be able to query to reopen in case of claiming maintainership
again), added an explanatory comment (see e.g. bug 45290 comment 2), closed the
component for bug creation, updated the component description. Plus one should
make sure that the extension homepage on reflects the lack of
maintenance in a banner on top plus is in the "Obsolete extensions" category.

Refering to Quim's proposal of CC'ing maintainers and last committers, I like
When I closed unmaintained Bugzilla components in the past as described above,
I sometimes had tried to contact past maintainers/developers, but mostly I
relied on edits by 'trusted' users on the extension homepages updating its
status to unmaintained, or public mailing list postings announcing the end of
maintainership (and/or undeploying from Wikimedia servers) of a component.

So before working on resolving this bug report in an "organized" way, I'd like
to wait for better [[mw:Community metrics]] so I could look up the date of the
last development activity on a webpage instead of having to run "git log" on a
local checkout of all extensions in Wikimedia Git. But maybe already offers such a view and I have not found it
yet? :-/
And furthermore, potentially creating a "Deprecated" classification in Bugzilla
to reclassify/move these products and/or components under.

Reminder to myself: Once this is done, document the steps above on a dedicated
wikipage under [[mw:Bug management]] linked from [[mw:Bug management/How to
triage#Situation_specific_information]] and maybe maybe also from [[mw:Bug
management/Triage tasks]].

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