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Previous report was input from mobile - not an easy job, using the "desktop"
screen on a small smartphone. 

In case I wasn't clear: I wanted to look for other articles with titles
including "Oldbridge", to see if there was a need for any hatnote or dab page.
I couldn't: all search attempts led me to the one article with title
"Oldbridge". (Doing a full search on desktop, I see there aren't, but might
well have been). 

Not being able to do a proper search from mobile view seems part of a pattern
of things which mobile editors aren't trusted to do, or expected to want to do.
It seems impossible to create a new article, even a dab page to which I've just
created a rednote in a hatnote (see "Polish Cup").

I haven't found a forum wherein to comment on the mobile view in general. It
seems that "the system" looks at me differently, as a second-class citizen,
when I'm using my phone to edit, though I'm the same person.

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