--- Comment #6 from Church of emacs <> 2010-03-07 
21:39:19 UTC ---
@Bawolff: That's true, I guess. In case that feature is disabled, we can add
the parameter again.

@Platonides: That only works for once specific use case of this parameter. I
could think of different messages for user talk pages, perhaps even a use in
other namespaces (e.g. check if <username> is the current user in
Project:Request_for_Adminship/<username>). A parameter is more flexible (it
wouldn't be used by default, though).

I a more general matter, we should reconsider having one standard message for
all namespaces. Sure, every project can use {{#switch: {{NAMESPACE}} | ... }}
to include different messages, but it duplicates a lot of efforts (as every
wiki has to implement that itself). Maybe we should create specific messages
for some namespaces (article, talk, user, user talk, category, file) and one
default message (for all other + any custom NS)?

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