--- Comment #8 from Angel <> 2010-03-07 22:17:33 UTC ---
For instance, take a look at Template:Tfd at wikipedia. I'm not sure what's
your relation to WP, so I'll elaborate. The template means "Template for
discussion" and is put to other templates when they are nominated for deletion
or whatever. On the templates I'd like Tfd to appear as a box, containing info
about the nomination. On the articles it should appear as a smaller

All that works so far. It checks for the namespace. If it's template the box
shows, if its mainspace, the notifications do. The problem is, when there is
documentation in a template. The box then gets transcluded in every single
example in them. Check for example Template:Rating-big.

I guess there are some workarounds for this, but it would make things a lot
much easier to do this with such a tag. I think it would be very useful to
anyone who's working on templates.

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