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(In reply to Fomafix from comment #7)
> In bug 26292 there is no JavaScript/Ajax and no API

As I said you can create a new report to help us keep track of the impact this
issue haves on the Wikidata users. As mentioned we belief it depends on bug
26292 or at least shares the same root cause. And will not be easy to fix,

> guessing the server-state of the watch list on client site is problematic
> because all error paths has to [...] reimplemented on client side.

Yes, that's totally true. However, if it turns out the impact of some watchlist
star animations wrongly turning white (as you described) is much bigger than a
few watchlist stars wrongly turning blue (my naive suggestion) it may be a
reasonable workaround instead of spending developers time on more complex
solutions (like redesigning the API).

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