--- Comment #2 from Brad Jorsch <> ---
Note that this would need changes to EditPage::internalAttemptSave, it can't
easily be done only in ApiEditPage. One additional test in the 'if' at
should do it. We could either turn the "$bot" parameter into a flag parameter
or add a new local for no-merge to EditPage that ApiEditPage would set.

Ideally we'd do the following:

* editconflictresolution=automerge as default. Requires starttimestamp and
* editconflictresolution=fail would be the new code. It also would require
starttimestamp and basetimestamp, and would pass the no-merge flag to EditPage.
* editconflictresolution=overwrite would be the same as what currently happens
if you omit starttimestamp and basetimestamp. It would ignore starttimestamp
and basetimestamp, and the docs would say something like "Using this mode is
probably wrong, automerge should be used isntead.".

As for getting there from here (i.e. without breaking BC right away), we'd need
to add a fourth case: rather than defaulting to automerge,
editconflictresolution not given at all would do what the API does now and
additionally include a warning if starttimestamp and basetimestamp weren't both

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