--- Comment #2 from Erik Allik <> ---
As far as my experience goes, this is not related to a specific page; you can
consistently reproduce this behavior on any page with collapsible sections.

The only thing to note is that this behavior doesn't "activate" if the
Back-button is pressed very soon after the navigation. You need to wait a
minute or two (I guess depending on non-deterministic circumstances) before
navigating Back will cause the previously open sections of the page to be

This is probably related to how the mobile Safari caches pages, and when it
decides to reactivate/reload the JS hooks on a page (which do the collapsing).

Also, note that—and this should really be a separate bug report—very often (but
not consistently) the scroll state of the previous page is reset after a
Back-navigation, i.e. the page is scrolled back to the top. It also seems that
it related to the search box at the top of the page—there seems to be some sort
of JS auto-scrolling magic in action again because when I activate the search
textbox and deactivate it, the problem disappears on subsequent navigate+back

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