--- Comment #5 from Alex Monk <> ---
(In reply to Roan Kattouw from comment #4)
> We already put random junk in the paction=parse response, I wouldn't be
> opposed to adding blocked-ness to that. Another paction would be OK too, but
> then we'd have to make two API requests.
> There are significant speed benefits in combining everything into one API
> request. I think we should stop kidding ourselves that paction=parse is a
> clean, only-does-one-thing action, and perhaps rename it if we want, rather
> than trying to split it into separate actions, because the latter would just
> make client-side performance worse.

Yes, since writing that comment I decided to just add it in to paction=parse,
especially since talking to James - he wants this to be an edit notice like the
others. I probably should have left a new comment about it.

The problem now is coming up with a nice way to fit the autoblockedtext message
(blockedtext is okay) in to the edit notices popup.

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