--- Comment #2 from 2010-03-08 13:07:29 UTC ---
Here's what worked:
- I changed to "devteam", and now I can save the Special:UserRights page.
- The permissions work as expected ("Dev" namespace is restricted

Here's what still doesn't work:
- I added the MediaWiki:Groups-devteam page, but the text "devteam" still
shows. Frankly this is zero impact to me, so not problem.
- On Special:UserRights, I still see these selections (why!?)
   * nsDevRW
   * nsDevRO
   * nsDev_talkRW
   * nsDev_talkRO

Those four selections are really quite confusing to me. (I don't want someone
to accidentally select one and cause an error.) From where is this list
populated? Is there data in the database somewhere (obvious tables didn't lead
me to anything)?

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