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--- Comment #3 from 2010-03-08 13:17:30 UTC ---
It looks like those "odd" entries come from the NamespacePermissions extension,
but that's odd because I don't remember them from 1.15. I'm quite sure they
WEREN'T there.


e.g. nsFoo_talkRW, nsFooRO. These groups are for granting permission to one
existing user at a time; the extension causes them to appear on the
Special:Userrights page. The extension provides the above pair of groups for
each extra namespace you defined in $wgExtraNamespaces.

I commented out these lines from the extension, and everything works fine:
         $wgGroupPermissions[ "ns{$title}RW" ][ "ns{$num}_edit" ] = true;
         $wgGroupPermissions[ "ns{$title}RW" ][ "ns{$num}_read" ] = true;
         $wgGroupPermissions[ "ns{$title}RW" ][ "ns{$num}_create" ] = true;
         $wgGroupPermissions[ "ns{$title}RW" ][ "ns{$num}_move" ] = true;
         $wgGroupPermissions[ "ns{$title}RO" ][ "ns{$num}_read" ] = true;

I didn't have to do this from 1.15, but whatever... maybe things have changed
from my previous wiki (I no longer have access to it because I'm at a different
place now, so unfortunately I cannot compare these things).

I guess there are no problems.

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