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Thanks Ad. To repeat for others what I told you by email:

The only metric available right now is Special:StudentActivity. (There were
some other metrics initially, but these had to be disabled because of severe
performance problems.)

Metrics is a big need for everyone using the the extension at this point, and
it's something that we plan to address by making it easier to run Wikimetrics
for students. Currently, we're developing a more general system for managing
outreach campaigns, and the the first step is a system for creating and
managing groups of users, along with a way for MediaWiki and Wikimetrics to
talk to each other. So the idea will be that you can use Wikimetrics to specify
the groups (such as a course or a set of courses) that you want metrics about,
and then run whatever Wikimetrics queries you want to for that group.

If you're interested in the details as they emerge, see:

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