--- Comment #3 from Roan Kattouw <> ---
We don't use $.proxy() directly in the VE code base, instead we set ve.bind =
$.proxy; and use ve.bind().

Yes, this.keyup.bind() exists in modern browsers. It doesn't exist in older
browsers, but we don't really care because VE doesn't support browsers that old
for lots of other reasons anyway.

There are two ways we could approach this. I'll ask Krinkle which one he thinks
is best before we proceed.

#1 is to migrate uses of ve.bind(, this ); to this );
across the code base, then deprecate and later remove ve.bind(). This would be
pretty laborious.

#2 is to change ve.bind() to a wrapper that uses native .bind(). This will
change every single function binding in the entire codebase to use native bind

My guess it's probably best to do #2 first, then #1 later, but I'd like Krinkle
to weigh in on this.

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