--- Comment #13 from Marc A. Pelletier <> ---
Ah, that is normal behavior for NFS4, which deals in usernames and not user
IDs.  There are two ways around this: either make sure the username that needs
to own shared files is known to the file server (in practice, "is in LDAP") or
have local users' homes not be on NFS (/usr/lib is a reasonable place for
'system' users, for instance).

NFS4 does change the semantics of file ownership; rather than use user IDs and
hope that they happen to match the same users on different clients, it relies
on a central list of users for that.

What I have done, in cases where it's reasonable to do so, is add global system
users to LDAP; this makes everything work as expected and is considerably more
reliable and rely on user creation from puppet.

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