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(In reply to Krinkle from comment #24)
> mediawiki-core@1.22.4 shows no mention of a 'jquery.collapsibleTabs'
> dependency in Resources.php
> mediawiki-extensions-Vector@REL1_22 is empty entirely.
> So if packaged correctly, and assuming the error you mention in comment 23
> is indeed originating from a Vector module (and not some other gadget or
> extension), this looks like it is caused by packaging the wrong old version,
> because core 1.22.4 with Vector#REL1_22 is incapable of producing such an
> error.

(In reply to Mark A. Hershberger from comment #22)
> I was just able to reproduce this bug by un-tarring 1.22 on top of an
> existing installation.

Just to eliminate the possibility, when you say un-tarring you don't mean you
have an existing installation of some arbitrary MediaWiki version and Vector
extension version and unpacked it on top in such a way that any files in common
directories that should not be there, were kept around? Replacing an extension
should replace the entire directory, not just overwrite conflicting files.
There is no telling what could happen when unzipped and merged (the only
directory of which its direct file contents are safely mergeable with older
versions is mediawiki-core root,  any subdirectory should just be replaced,
except maybe 'extensions' or 'uploads').

Though even then, the module registry isn't composed of globbing directories.
overwriting extensions/Vector/Vector.php with the extension REL1_22 version and
resources/Resources.php with the core REL1_22 version doesn't reproduce this
problem either.

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