--- Comment #6 from Thiemo M├Ąttig <> ---
I finished refactoring the related code in several patches but unfortunately
had to abandon the draft that was supposed to fix this issue. My initial idea
was to simply do an additional WHERE LIKE '%<search term>' if the other three
requests that are currently done do not return enough results (basically WHERE
id = '<search term>' concatenated with WHERE term = '<search term>'
concatenated with WHERE term LIKE '<search term>%').

This is a bad idea for multiple reasons:
1. Ranking will be bad. The "contains" results will always be hidden behind the
"equals to" and "starts with" results.
2. It should probably be different for Items and Properties.
3. LIKE queries don't use any indexes if they start with a placeholder.

To make this a proper solution the least thing we need to do is to split labels
into words (or come up with a more clever solution like identifying common
prefixes like "date of" and turn such labels into "birth, date of"). Then we
can add these individual words to our term index.

The current solution to do exactly that is very intuitive and simple: add

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