--- Comment #5 from Tisza Gergő <> ---
(In reply to Brion Vibber from comment #4)
> * Java applet plugin is _horribly_ broken with regard to z-indexing in IE;
> you can't float other elements above it, such as say custom dynamic
> controls. This could make it ugly for integration into MultimediaViewer, and
> definitely breaks my demo page. The Flash plugin works more nicely with the
> browser as long as you set the right parameters.

IIRC that can usually be solved by putting an invisible iframe on top of the
plugin area. IE6 handles plugins and OS UI elements (like <select>) outside of
the stacking order, but iframes are handled in some weird way that is both in
and out of the stacking order so they can overlap plugins and they can be
overlapped by normal elements with a higher z-index. (As long as you are
careful to follow IE6's own interpretation of how z-indexing should work, which
is horribly broken in an entirely different way.)

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