--- Comment #7 from FT2 <> 2010-03-10 02:58:39 UTC ---
If someone leaves something of that kind, you ask an oversighter to use
RevDelete, and that action (and the redacted material) is visible to all admins
to scrutinize.

Having tools that don't allow a practical means of scrutiny (which is how bad
this can be) means uncheckable deletion logs. Whether this involves 864 admins
or 1700 is almost immaterial, it's a problem whichever the number is. These are
not edits that are a "bit annoying" to review. They are deletions and log
deletions that literally, cannot be checked. You can't always tell what was
deleted. You can't always tell who deleted or undeleted it. If there is a
dispute, an ANI/RFC/RFAR case, or a request for review of an admin action, you
might not be able to review it. And some number between 800 and 1700 admins
will be using it hundreds or thousands of times daily. (Details: Bug 18780
comment 12). 

It needs this part to work. If you have a case come up needing specific
revisions redacting, for now ask an oversighter. This bug's been known since
March 2009 or earlier. A range of fixes been proposed (eg see bug 21279). When
a fix is coded we'll have an admin-usable RevDelete system. Aaron states (bug
21279 comment 7) he may have something that will fix it. Hopefully he can make
it work.

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