--- Comment #31 from Mark A. Hershberger <> ---
(Sorry only reading the comments here for so long.  As a potential mentor for
this project, I should have been more active here.)

(In reply to dacuetu from comment #30)
> I don't know if it is too late to bring in some feedback, in any case my
> recommendation would be: do it as generic as possible.

I agree, this should be as generic as possible.  Still, the goal here is to get
extensions rated for usefulness, bugginess, ease of setup, etc. and get those
ratings onto MW.o.

That requires design and some social cues that get people to rate extensions
that they use. As Yaron points out most of the tools, to do the rating already

To this end, what results from this project will be probably most useful to
those like Idealab as an instance of how to use the extension.

(In reply to Yaron Koren from comment #24)
> I think the basic idea of making an extension
> directory that's searchable via various facets could be accomplished
> relatively quickly - maybe even in just a few days. There's certainly no
> shortage of people from the SMW community who would be willing to help out
> with this task, if the tools became available.

Since WikiApiary already has been set up with SMW and already has the
information about extensions, we're going to be working with Jamie to make the
rating and collection of extensions happen there.  We plan on using a 'bot (if
need be) to copy the information to MW.o

Getting new software (SMW!) deployed on the WMF infrastructure is too big an
impediment.  WikiApiary is already proving to be an invaluble tool for those of
us with experience.  This project will help us expose that usefulness to newer
users as well.

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