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> SMW in Based on the history of this old discussion reactivated
> every now and then, I don't see it happening.

Quim - I think you're misunderstanding the history. A few SMW developers and
users have brought up the idea of installing SMW on several times
over the past, say, six years. There's certainly never been a concerted effort
on anyone's part - and certainly not from anyone who works for the WMF - to get
it installed on It may or may not be easy to accomplish - I
wouldn't know; as far as I know, it's never been tried.

Helder - I think the problem with that bug report/feature request is that it
covers both core WMF sites like Wikipedia and non-core sites like
- two types of sites that have almost nothing in common, other than the fact
that they both run on MediaWiki.

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