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Champion! From my days at RootsWeb as listmaster, it was the case of
subscribers not being able to work out how to unsubscribe, and then just
calling it spam to deal with the issue.

My understanding of the message from hotmail-msn is that we are not globally
blacklisted, however, we won't be getting through each user's personal
blacklist. Woopee.


It would be worthwhile reviewing our landing page for mailing lists, to make
sure thta we have SIMPLE information for people to follow to understand what
they need to do get off a mailing list.

Might also be worth poking Signpost, and seeing if they can do a little article
that also gives some background to the problem, and that too has a link to
simple instructions.

Long-term. As we have email addresses in SUL db, having an ability to have the
subscriptions to mailing lists visible in or from for each SUL login (paired on
email address) would be a useful development. As we increase the numbers of
mailing lists, having the one facility for a user to see their subscriptions in
one place becomes increasingly important, especially for a integrated site.

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