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(In reply to billinghurst from comment #14)
> It would be worthwhile reviewing our landing page for mailing lists, to make
> sure thta we have SIMPLE information for people to follow to understand what
> they need to do get off a mailing list.

Users who consider mailing lists they subscribed to spam don't reach the
landing page. Additionally, hotmail users are notoriously even less tech savvy
than average, on average (obviously none of those who write or read this bug is
;) ). And the average knowledge of email functioning is very low; surveys show
that usage of email by teens is going down and is now around 40 % (being
replaced by walled gardens).

I think everyone should just do their duty properly. Gmail has a feature which
tells you "hey, this email sender even tells you where you can unsubscribe
[with List-Unsubscribe], are you sure they're spammers?" when you click the
spam button; maybe Hotmail needs something like that. And our mailing delivery
system is full of actual bugs, so we should be working on those (some are found
in "see also")... and we are, in part.

> Might also be worth poking Signpost, and seeing if they can do a little
> article that also gives some background to the problem, and that too has a
> link to simple instructions.

Nonsense. Such people don't even read the footers of emails they consider spam.

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