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I clean up the git repo, so that it is in the same state as the repo I used to
build the PPA pacakges.
Now I get the following error
0m27.2s DUMP: 
00:02:09.223   Selecting previously unselected package mathoid.
00:02:09.224   (Reading database ... 7545 files and directories currently
00:02:09.224   Unpacking mathoid (from
.../mathoid_0.2.1+0~20140321094326.11~1.gbp92f861_amd64.deb) ...
00:02:09.224   dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of mathoid:
00:02:09.224    mathoid depends on nodejs (>= 0.8.0); however:
00:02:09.224     Package nodejs is not installed.
00:02:09.224    mathoid depends on phantomjs (>= 1.9.0); however:
00:02:09.224     Package phantomjs is not installed.
00:02:09.224    mathoid depends on logrotate; however:
00:02:09.225     Package logrotate is not installed.
00:02:09.225   dpkg: error processing mathoid (--install):
00:02:09.225    dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
00:02:09.225   Errors were encountered while processing:
00:02:09.225    mathoid
What does that indicate?

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