--- Comment #5 from Erik Zachte <> ---
First step is done: 

==adapting wikistats scripts==

*new argument -F to force processing full archive dumps (regardless of dump
*Wikistats now can handle segmented dumps 
(which BTW differ in file name for wp:de and wp:en) 
e.g. see first 100 lines or so in 
*Wikistats can now also see for segmented dumps if there was a error during
dump generation 
(by parsing dump job status report 'index.html') and looking for 'failed' in
appropriate sections
if found switch to other dump format, 
if none of dumps format is valid switch to older dump

Second step has started

==collect counts from full archive dumps for Wikipedias only on stat1==

*this will run for several weeks probably
* see for progress

Third step needs to be done

==merge results from stat1 into stat1002==

*make small script that merges values (missing values only) from 
stat1:/[..]/StatisticsMonthly.csv into 
as part of monthly Wikistats cycle stat1002:/[..]

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