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The parsoid plan is to support only square bounding boxes.

Unfortunately, PHP core doesn't have a way to specify 'a square bounding box of
the default thumbnail size' yet.  So for purposes of discussion let's assume
there's a wikitext option named 'thumbscale' which enforces a square bounding
box of (an appropriate factor of) the default thumbnail size (then quantized to
nearest 10px, like upright does, in order to avoid creating lots of odd-sized

So Parsoid will *only* generate wikitext of the form:


We will attempt to round-trip other wikitext forms ('upright', 'x200px',
'thumb' by itself (which is a width restriction only), etc) if the image is not
edited.  But if the image is edited, we will emit only a square bounding box.

In the short term, we might use:


as an approximation to the 'thumbscale' factor, where we compute <number> as
<aspect ratio>*<thumbscale>.  But this is viewed as a short term hack only.

The VE UI should present this as something like 'use default thumbnail size',
rather than explicitly mentioning the 'upright' parameter.

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