--- Comment #10 from Ryan Kaldari <> ---
"on the desktop most modern browsers handle machine translation automatically"

Citation needed. AFAIK, only Chrome does this.

IMO, we are severely overloading the purpose of link color. Right now we are
using it for:
1. Indicate a link rather than normal text
2. Indicate whether the link has been visited or not
3. Indicate whether an article is a stub or not (per prefs)
4. Indicate whether a link is internal or interwiki

Personally, I think the best solution (which I know Jon won't like) would be to
allow personal CSS on mobile. This would allow power users to style these links
however they want to without having to introduce a new preference. I don't like
the idea of using yet another link icon, as the meaning of these icons becomes
more confusing the more of them we have.

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