--- Comment #2 from Matthew Flaschen <> ---
(In reply to Brion Vibber from comment #1)
> MobileFrontend also has an uploading client implementation; are you thinking
> of some sort of low-level JS API wrapping file uploads that could be used by
> both, or specifically the high-level UploadWizard UI?

The actual low-level, client, upload part.  It should abstract away the
transport, and support chunked uploads if the user has it enabled.  It
shouldn't include UI, but it should make such UIs possible (callbacks for
completion, failure, progress).

Basically some version of ApiUpload* (see also the Transport and Handler ones,

It doesn't need to include all the UW stuff (e.g. Firefogg is probably not
neeeded), just enough to get the job done with reasonable browser

However, unlike UW, it should be in core and correctly abstracted (e.g. no
transport.uploadObject.ui.setStatus in low-level code).  UploadWizard,
MobileFrontend, PronunciationRecording, and probably other stuff I'm not
thinking of should all be able to use it.

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